New Vegetation Contractor


During April 2022 the vegetation contractor appointed for the Canal & River Trust including our Waterside Moorings business will change. These changes will not impact on the works undertaken; however, it could be a combination of different contractors depending where in the country you are located and the vegetation task that is being carried out.

CGM group, Ground Control and Dovetail group are now our appointed contractors and will undertake various aspects of the vegetation works required by the Trust.

The main activity where you will notice a difference will be grass cutting – operatives will have different branding and may be different people to those that you are used to seeing around the system. CGM Group will be doing the grass and hedge works in our North West, Yorkshire and North East, East Midlands, and London and South East regions; Ground Control will be doing it in Wales and South West, and West Midlands Regions.  Both will be involved in our tree works.  Dovetail are focussing on the aquatic weed work in East and West Midlands, and London and South East.

The changes will impact on Waterside Moorings in much the same way, if the mooring site is within the North-West, Yorkshire North-East, East Midlands and London & Southeast regions, then CGM group will undertake all grass & hedge cutting works. If the mooring site is within Wales & Southwest and West Midlands, then Ground control will undertake all grass & hedge cutting duties.

These changes should not interrupt your use or enjoyment of the mooring site, nor will it restrict access to the mooring site, but you may see different providers on the mooring site, in differently liveried vans and/or workwear that may be unfamiliar to you.

In all cases the providers should be able to provide documentation that they are working on behalf of the Trust if you see them on the mooring site working.

This is a huge change for the Trust and we are working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.  If you have questions, concerns or would like more specific information about the mooring site you are on, please do contact us at waterside mooring-enquiries or speak to your local mooring manager.