Adverse Weather Conditions

The harsh weather presents challenges to many boaters, particularly those for whom this is their first hard winter on the water.   Boating in winter can be a challenging experience. 

Waterside mooring shares the view of the Residential Boat Owners’ Association (RBOA) that live-aboard boating can be difficult & testing during the winter period, a message that they consistently promote at waterway events and on their website.   We strongly recommend a visit to the RBOA’s website, where there are helpful tips for living onboard.  You can also look at The Trusts own helpful tips for winter cruising and living, these can be found on the winter cruising pages.

There are also useful tips on the winterise your boat page, on the Canal & River Trust’s own boating blogs and features articles which may help.

Guidance is provided below on how Waterside mooring will respond to problems during this difficult period.

Frozen water pipes; We are unable to action work to frozen water supply, this would not be feasible given the conditions and would be unlikely to provide any kind of a long-term solution.  If a water outlet has burst and leaking running water, we will attend to make repairs within the conditions presented.

Salt and/or grit; Where a supply is provided at the site.  Boaters may spread it at their own risk.  Canal & River Trust staff will not be able to spread grit on a customer’s behalf.  Local guidance relating to gritting in high profile areas should be adhered to at all times, this would not normally include Mooring sites.

Pump Out; A distinction is made between frozen or broken down.  If frozen, then we would wait for it to thaw out.  For a broken or defective pump out, our first response is to try and fix the unit.  If the problem gets critical because boaters have not had access to sewage disposal for around 6 days or more, please contact us. We will then review arrangements to assess what can be achieved within the conditions presented.

SMART Bollards or electrical problems; for problems with SMART bollards or electrical outages, please contact us in the 1st instance; we will endeavour to repair electrical supplies where possible within the conditions presented.

Elsan; if the unit is blocked or frozen then it should be not be used until such time as it has thawed.  Please do not use blocked or frozen Elsan points, this will only lengthen the time the unit is out of order.  An alternative location should be found, these can be found on the Trust’s website Here

Please act responsibly and considerately towards others.  For example, do not leave water taps running or dripping to prevent freezing.  This leads to increased risk of ice forming on paths and causes a huge safety risk

For further information –

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