Short-Term Mooring Over the Winter Period

Waterside Mooring - Short-Term Mooring Over the Winter Period


We appreciate that cruising in winter can become challenging as the weather starts to bite. With this in mind, Waterside Mooring offer short-term moorings (3 month, 6 month and 9 month contracts) at selected locations around the country for those wanting to hunker down.


In winter, the more challenging weather conditions can make cruising a harder prospect and we appreciate that not every boater wants to face the icy winds, early dusk and rock-hard ground that the season can bring. Short-term moorings give boaters across the country a chance to tie up for the season, while keeping enough space clear for those who want to continue cruising.


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Before securing a short term mooring please check our winter stoppages list to ensure that stoppages will not prevent you reaching or leaving the mooring site.


To enquire about a short-term mooring, please contact your local Mooring Sales Manager.


Please note that no short-term moorings will be offered in the London and South East Region.


Mooring Locations


Yorkshire and North East        North West South Wales and South West        East Midlands
Salterforth Hest Bank Bathpool Cranfleet Lock Towpath    
Springs Branch  Ollershaw Lane Govilon Wharf Spode House
Bramwith Lock Whaley Bridge    Victoria Basin  
Long Sandall Lock Stone Chimney Wharf Llangattock Basin  
Tinsley Marina   Stourport Wide-Beam Basin  
Eastwood Lock             Stourport Lower Pontoons  



Contact Details

Yorkshire and North East

Brad Cahill
07776492199 or 0303 040 40 40

North West

Leanne Higham
07770 610213 or 0303 040 40 40

South Wales and South West

Maria Osborne
01452 318048 or 0303 040 40 40

East Midlands

Sandie Dunstan
07747 897784 or 0303 040 40 40