Coronavirus - Maintenance Update 3: 31/03/20

As you will be aware Corona virus is impacting on operations nationwide.  At the current time we can still respond to events and we are working with our term contractors to continue service as effectively as we can within the challenges presented. 


We have previously described limitations in our electrical repair works, on the maintenance second update. This is, unfortunately, unchanged at the current time and this may, as described, impact on our response times.  Please do continue the good work you have been doing in continuing to review everything you are doing, it really is helping. All statutory compliance works i.e. RCD checks, are continuing with current measures employed. 


In looking at our vegetation works, it has been agreed to continue with Mooring site grass cutting, however, this will only be once per month.  The vegetation contractors have our permission to carry out this work to try and mitigate issues that might be created if the grass grows out of control. 

We are aware that that some people disagree with this action, but the contactors are following the correct protocol and are maintaining hygiene and social distancing measures.  If the contractors do come to your site, there should be no risk to you provided you stay on your boat while they pass; please do not put yourself or others at risk by confronting them. We are monitoring the situation and should the advice change, then our methodology will change to reflect that new advice. 


We urge you to follow all advice from Public Health England, the Trusts own Corona Virus FAQ sheet and any advice or guidance that comes from authorised sources.


If you have questions about the mooring you are on, please contact your Mooring sales manager for further advice.


These are very challenging and uncertain times for all and we thank you in anticipation of your co-operation and assistance during this difficult time.