Changes to Prompt Payment discount from April 2022

Following on from the reduction in prompt payment discount for boat licences (from 10%, to a maximum of 5%) in April 2019, the discount for prompt payment on moorings will be aligned to licences and reduced to 5% effective from any renewals after 1st April 2022. 


If you wish to take advantage of the discount, please make sure that you either pay in full on or before the commencement date of your agreement or sign up to paying in one direct debit payment.   


All renewal invitations documents are now being issued to customers via email, please do make sure that we have your correct email address.  We issue documents approximately 4-6 weeks prior to renewal.  Do give us a call or email us at if for any reason you don’t receive them. 


Prompt payment discount is only eligible upon renewal of an existing mooring agreement (i.e. after the 1st year, or in the 4th year if you have a three year agreement) and will continue to be offered at the existing rate of 10% up until 31st March 2022.