Mooring Prices 2021-22

Annual Price Review: 1st April 2021


We have taken the decision to increase our mooring fees by 2% this year across a majority of the 330 sites we operate across the waterway network. This increase will be applied to all Waterside Mooring sites with the exception of those sites already on phased increases.  This will be applied to any contract renewal on or after 1st April 2021.


Waterside Moorings exists as one of the Trust’s discretionary commercial business activities, meaning that all mooring profits we make are returned to the Trust, so that our waterways are repaired and maintained for the enjoyment of all our customers.  We have kept the increase as low as we can this year, so that we’re able to meet the increases in costs that we have to manage.


Waterside Moorings have an occupancy of nearly 95% and we appreciate the support this shows us from our customer base in this very difficult time, we look forward to getting back to more normal boating activity hopefully during 2021.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions our staff are working a little differently at the moment so whilst you might see less of on us on site, we are here to help and can be contacted via your local Mooring Sales Manager or via email at