Electricity Supply: FAQs

Meter Macs

Electricity is provided at a number of Waterside Mooring sites, via bollards and the Meter Macs system.

To use the system, you must be a long-term mooring customer, and you need to be set up as a user on the Meter Macs system. Normally this is done by us when you purchase a mooring with electric supply. Meter Macs is a pre-pay system, so you can view your usage, and top up your balance at any time online. Your account is unique to you, and supply is activated with a PIN, so nobody else can use your supply. If your cable is unplugged, the supply ceases. It can be reactivated by you, either in person at the bollard, or remotely over the internet. 



We receive a number of similar queries about problems connecting to, or using the supply. These can often be easily resolved without needing our help, by checking a few simple things, for example:

  • Is the cable securely connected and in proper condition?
  • Has the RCD on the bollard been checked, and the trip switch reset?
  • How many appliances are in use, i.e. is the circuit being overloaded?

The majority of times, supply can be restored quickly by being aware of these factors. On occasion, where there is a physical fault with the bollard, we are able to view the system remotely and can give further advice, or arrange for an engineer to attend site to inspect and repair, if necessary.


Please click here to view a full FAQ: https://www.watersidemooring.com/media/Terms/MeterMacsFAQs.pdf