Terms & Conditions

There are terms and conditions associated with purchasing moorings via this website, either via the Auction method or through the Buy It Now method.  Please ensure that you have read and understood these terms, together with the Standard Mooring Agreement Terms & Conditions prior to making an offer for a mooring vacancy.

On very rare occasions we may encounter an issue with the auction website, these may occur during the closing minutes of the auction.

We would always advise potential bidders to set their maximum bid early (i.e. prior to the closing minutes), to avoid any potential problems that may arise.

In the event of a website failure, we reserve the right to cancel the auction result and re-run the auction as soon as possible.

In an event such as this we will advise all bidders as soon as possible and update them on the process we will be following.

Any automatic emails that are generated as a result of the auction closing will not constitute a binding contract and will be void.

Auction - Long Term Moorings

Auction Terms & Conditions for Bidding (PDF)

Auction Mooring Agreement Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Buy It Now 12 Month Contracts

Buy It Now Terms & Condtions for 'Making an Offer (PDF)

Buy It Now Mooring Agreement Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Short Term Mooring Agreement

Terms & Conditions for Short Term (3, 6 or 9 Month) Contracts

Standard Mooring Terms & Conditions issued April 2021 (PDF)

Overstay Charges

Our standard overstay charge referred to in section 14.5 (a) of our terms and condition is £150 per day.


Long Term Mooring from Private Property

Click here to view - these terms apply specifically to offside End of Gardens and Offside Farmer's field moorings 

An explanatory note of the most recent changes and updates to these terms can be viewed here

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