Exciting Mooring Opportunity at Blackwall Basin and Millwall Dock

Blackwall Basin and Millwall Docks are situated on the Isle of Dogs, an area in East London bounded by the River Thames. The docks lie to the south of Canary Wharf and to the north of the Greenwich Peninsula.

The docks were constructed in the 19th century during the height of London's maritime trade. Millwall Docks opened in 1868 and were used primarily for the import and export of goods such as timber, grain, and other commodities. Blackwall Basin, located at the northern end of the Millwall Docks, was used as a quay for ships.

By the 1980s, much of the area was disused and derelict. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the docklands area underwent significant regeneration efforts, transforming former industrial sites into residential, commercial, and leisure spaces. Canary Wharf, a major business district, was developed nearby, bringing new life and investment to the area.

Today, Blackwall Basin and Millwall Docks have been repurposed for various uses. The docks have been converted into marinas and residential developments, with waterfront apartments and leisure facilities. Blackwall Basin, in particular, has become a popular spot for recreational boating.

Overall, Blackwall Basin and Millwall Docks represent a blend of London's maritime heritage and its ongoing urban regeneration, showcasing how former industrial areas can be revitalised for modern uses while preserving their historical significance.

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Link to vacancy at Blackwall Basin - Blackwall Basin L1 :: Waterside Moorings

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