Business or Commercial Use of a Mooring

Business or Commercial Use of a Mooring

A wide variety of boating businesses operate on the Canal & River Trust's network, offering multiple services and adding vitality to the waterways. Some of those boating businesses have a home mooring for their boat, either as a base when not in use, or as somewhere to operate from.


Can I operate a boating business from a Waterside Mooring site?

This depends on the type of business it is, and other factors we need to consider individually, such as its suitability for the site, and any potential impact it may have on other moorers. If it is possible, an uplift on the mooring agreement fee may be applicable. You will also need a suitable business licence.

If you're thinking of using your boat to run a business or commercial activity, or are hoping to secure a mooring to start a boating business or commercial activity, the information below will help you with your planning:


> Commercial / Business Use Application Form

> Explanation of Commercial Use Table and Tariff