About Offside Farmers Field Moorings


Moorings which are accessed from private property on the offside 

There are a number of mooring locations across the country where a third party landowner has agreed for a number of boats to be moored alongside their land adjacent to our water. The Trust own the water space but not the land access to the mooring at these locations - for example, a farmer whose field backs directly onto the waterway. You will most likely pay the landowner for access across their land and for any facilities or storage they may provide on their land. These are historic moorings and the Trust no longer accept new applications for multiple moorings under this agreement.  Any new application for multiple offside moorings for commercial use should apply through our Business Boating process, click here for the application form and further information.


Why is a mooring agreement required?

As the Trust do not own the land access to the water, we offer a reduced mooring fee to individual customers at these sites via a 12 month mooring agreement. Offside moorings are priced at 50% of the nearest Trust long-term mooring site, and these agreements can also be paid by Direct Debit instalments, (subject to a credit check). You may sometimes see them referred to as "L3" sites.

In these cases revenue for moorings on our property is collected annually by way of a mooring agreement. As with our directly managed moorings, income earned from this part of our business contributes to the significant cost of preserving and maintaining the waterways.

If you are taking up a mooring at one of these locations, you can contact us either by email at waterside.mooring-enquiries@canalrivertrust.org.uk, or by telephoning our Customer Service team on 0303 040 4040, and we will send you an application form and a copy of the appropriate terms and conditions. 


What does an agreement grant?

Mooring sites that are located in the waterway, but accessed over land not under our control (e.g. most ‘off-side’ moorings) are normally made available at the request of the adjoining landowner and are not part of the maintained moorings of the Trust.  The fee paid to the Trust is only for the right of exclusive occupation of part of the water space of the waterway and no other service or facility is provided by the Trust.  

While this allows for mooring of the boat, it does not permit the construction of any pontoon, walkway or other construction which extends onto, or overhangs, Trust waters - even if the structure itself is built on private property.


What if I don't pay?

Boats which have declared an offside mooring location, and which are sighted at these locations without the required agreement will receive contact from us about the application process. If the boat's owner fails to set up a mooring agreement, they will be invoiced for the appropriate agreement duration, and will be required to pay in full without delay. Failure to pay the mooring fee due may affect the boater's ability to obtain further boat licences.

If you're unsure about whether you require a Waterside Mooring agreement at your mooring location, please email us for clarification, and we will be able to advise you.